Welcome to New Millennium Products

New Millennium Products is a family-owned and operated business out of Southern California offering a variety of foam products for your health and wellness. Quality and value are our top priorities, with a focus on products made in the USA.

We currently sell all our products through Amazon and hope you will check us out there! If you've already purchased one of our products, we'd love to have you leave us a review on Amazon, or contact us with any questions or concerns via our Contact Page.

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you thrive in your health and wellness journey!

Lipo Foam Sheets

For post surgery lipo, tummy tuck, BBL compression garments and ab boards. Velvety smooth for ultimate comfort and healing.

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Foam Exercise Rollers

For exercise, massage, and muscle recovery. Roll your way to greatness.

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Grip Strengtheners

For all age groups whether you're an athlete, musician, or for those using for rehabilitation purposes.

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